Your Isle of Harris Guide for Your Stay atNo.6 Buna

Welcome to House 6 with Your Isle of Harris Guide! Find all you need for a comfortable stay, from local dining suggestions to attractions nearby.

Everything You Need to Know to Make Your Stay Unforgettable

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What Do I Need to Know About the Heating?

The oil central heating and hot water programmer is located in the
utility room above the boiler.
You can turn the central heating and/or water on manually for either
one hour or until thenext automatic ‘on’ set time by pressing the
relevant grey button on the control box (1hr/man). Please do not
adjust the programmed times.
The radiators have thermostatic controls which you can adjust to turn
the heating up or down as you prefer. Please do not adjust the valves
on the radiator in the main bathroom as this does not have a
thermostatic control.

What Do I Need to Know About the Fireplace?

Always leave 1-2cm of ash at the bottom.
Place 1-2 fire lighters in the centre of the stove.
Lay 4-6 layers of dry small sticks crosswise.
A good bed of embers ensures the wood will catch fire
more easily.
Do not put too much wood in the stove or allow the
stove to get red hot as this can damage both the
stove and the chimney.

What Do I Need to Know About Recycling?

Cardboard/Paper – Placed in one of the black bins a the bottom of
the drive that is specifically for recycling (black bin with organics
only written on it)
Glass – Placed in the specified area in the utility room (green)
Plastic & Tins – Placed in the specified area in the utility room (blue)

Where to Find It…

Fuse Box

Hall Cupboard

Fire Extinguishers


Smoke Detectors




Fire Blanket


Heating & Water Controls

Utility Room

Spare Lightbulbs


Water Stop Cock

Hall Cupboard

Using the Hot-Tub

The On/Off Button

Hold for 2 seconds to activate the control panel.

Heating System Button

When the light is red, the water is being heated to the set temperature. A green light will show when the water has reached this temperature.

Massage Feature

This button will activate the massage feature, which will automatically shut off after 30 mins.

Temperature Adjustment Buttons

These are used to increase or decrease the desired temperature
to any value between 20°C and 40°C.

Water Filter Button

This button turns the filter pump on and off.

Lock/Unlock Button

The pump has a 5 minute auto-lock feature. To lock or unlock the pump use this button.

Enjoy a Variety of Amenities…

The cottage is equipped with several amenities, including a Smart TV, both indoor and outdoor BBQ facilities, a coffee maker, and a hot tub.

Local Goodies

Shona's Herb Garden

Shona, our mother in law and Harris native, manages the garden at No. 6 – please help yourself to any herbs you wish.

Aaron's Eggs

Our son Aaron cares for our flock of hens and collects their eggs daily. These are available for sale at the bottom of the drive at No. 4

limited availability – enquire now!

Premium Packages

Our two packages are designed to enhance
your Harris experience and make your stay as
comfortable as home.


All packages subject to availaibility.

Wellbeing Package


Enquire now

Includes (3 day hire):

Sauna Robe

2 Yoga Mats & 4 Yoga Blocks

Electric Diffuser with 2 Signature Scents

Pillow Mist

Ooni Pizza Package


Enquire now

Includes (1 day hire):

Ooni Pizza Oven

4 Pizza Bases (Gluten Free Available)

Sauce, Cheese & Pepperoni

Oven Pellets

WIFI Details

Hub: BT-63CK82

Password: FPfcDYEqmbPv7J

The Password for the Hub is case sensitive, so please enter exactly as shown above. Please be aware that the download speeds and service reliability may be lower than you are used to. Due to the surrounding hills you are unlikely to be able to use a mobile phone inside the house but depending on your service provider, you should be able to get a signal in the garden. You may be able to access 4G in Tarbert and some parts of the island. EE often has the best coverage.


Tips and Tricks for Driving on the Island!

Stop Safely and Reverse Carefully:

Always be able to stop within the distance you can safely see along the road. Be able to reverse when required and be aware of the ditches close to the edge of the carriageway.

Keep an Eye Out for Animals:

Be on the look out for animals such as sheep, cattle and deer; give way to them. Sheep often lie in the Bunavoneader road junction, at night.

Be Courteous at Road Ends

If you are approaching the end of a two-way stretch of road, give way to oncoming traffic on the single-track.

Stay in Your Car at Passing Spots:

Do not leave your vehicle when in a passing place, even if the road seems empty.

Watch Your Back:

Use your rear-view mirror to keep a look out for any tailback of vehicles behind you, signal and pull into the nearest passing place when safe to do so.

Follow Passing Place Rules:

Whoever reaches a passing place first should give way to oncoming traffic. However, priority should always be given to traffic coming uphill.

Use Passing Spots Smartly:

If the passing place is on your left, pull in to let oncoming traffic get past. If the passing place is on your right, stop along side it; leaving enough room for the oncoming vehicle to pass safely.

Slow Down for Walkers and Riders:

Be aware of pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders; slow down for them as it can often be a tight squeeze.

House Rules


No Smoking Policy

Smoking is not permitted within the cottage, this
includes E-Cigarettes


Bathroom Policy

Please DO NOT flushing wipes, nappies, condoms, liners or tampons, cotton buds or balls, contact lenses, plasters, or bandages down the toilet.



Please ensure the gate is closed properly each time you leave the property.


Useful Contacts for Your Stay…

Emergency Contact


Doctor & Dentist

Tarbert Health Centre


R Doig Optemetrists
Rosebank, 52 Church St, Stornoway


Boots Pharmacy
4-6 Cromwell St, Stornoway
(Tarbert Health Centre dispenses prescriptions made by local doctor)

NHS 24

Petrol & Diesel Garages (24 hour pumps)

An Clachan, Leverburgh
Harris Fuels, Tarbert/strong>

Mobile Mechanic

Donnie Martin
Mackay Mechanical Services

Harris Post Office

Closed for lunch 1-1:30pm
Closes at 1pm on Wednesdays
Closes at 12:30 on Saturdays
Post Box collection in Bunavoneader is at 8:45am Mon-Sat

Please Check Out by 10am!

Please the keys on the hook in the hallway.

Please load and start the dishwasher

Turn off all the lights and appliances

Take trash to the outside bins

"The cottage has wonderful views, particularly from the hot tub. It was super clean and has everything you could want for a great stay."


"Stunning and incredibly convenient location on Harris. Cottage is finished to a very high standard - it's luxurious and cosy!"


"We had a magical week at the cottage in Bun Abhainn Eadarra . The house is beautifully presented, everything is properly thought through..."